Chief - Larry Miles /

Apalachee Tribe


Each tribe has a personality that reflects the spirit of the group. Our tribe is known as the friendly Apalachee Tribe and our arms are wide open to welcome you into our fold!


Apalachee is a "family" camping tribe, meaning we have a mix of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. There is no specific makeup of our families. We are diverse, mid sized, easy-going, and our members have the common bond of absolutely loving to go camping together! Last season we had 18 families in our tribe with 22 boys and girls that ranged in ages from 1 to 15 years old and we've added more so there will be plenty of opportunities for you and your kids to make new camping friends.


We put our relationship with our kids first as the Native Sons and Daughters program is about creating parent and child memories in a safe and family friendly environment without the normal distractions of daily life and electronics. We want to be pals forever, friends always.


The Apalachee tribe takes pride in making sure that we all eat well while "roughing it". We create menus before the monthly camp outs and families contribute a portion to the tribe meals. Our families prepare feasts together leaving no burden upon one individual. It's all about sharing and shared duties at our tribe circle.


Our tribe has a good mix of folks that tent camp, use pop-up campers, travel trailers, hybrids, and motor homes. We welcome any style that is comfortable for you. You'll never be out of place with us! 


Whether you've never camped before or are highly seasoned, we encourage you to try camping with the Apalachee's. Our families are passionate about camping and they will be happy to teach you the ropes or share ideas to make your family weekend experience great. You are guaranteed to learn some new camping tricks and ideas all while making some quality friendships.


Please contact me by phone or text at 407-760-1986 to get more information about joining us this season. 


-Larry Miles, Apalachee Chief