Chief - Rob Shaffer /

The Choctaw tribe is a family tribe and has approximately 18 families. There are over thirty children in the tribe ranging in age from 4 to 15 with the majority of the children in kindergarten thru 6th grade.

The Choctaw tribe begins its camping season with the first federation campout in October the “Corn Fest”. The tribe camps once a month from October through April except for December. In December the tribe gathers for a holiday party. Besides campouts the Choctaw tribe meets once a month during the camping season, typically the Sunday afternoon before the scheduled campout for that month.

The meetings consist of WAMPUM collection from the children, a craft or activity and a planning meeting for the upcoming campout. The WAMPUM collected is used to offset the cost of the crafts.  Past activities include going to the corn maze, pancakes at sugar mill, or gathering at a putt-putt course.

During the campouts there are many different federation activities for the children such as prize raffles, pinewood derby races, critter races, archery, paintball, scavenger hunts, movie nights and war games just to name a few.

The Choctaw's mission is for children to have fun, experience camping, and most important of all spend dedicated time with their parent/s.