Welcome to the Eola Federation


I welcome you to the Eola Federation web site. The Eola Federation is located in Central Florida and is a member of the National Longhouse – Native Sons and Daughters Program. This program provides outstanding opportunities for parents to spend quality time with their children and create everlasting memories. Please take a moment and review our web site to learn more about this outstanding program. You will also find a link to the National Longhouse web site to learn more about this program and to see how wide spread this fantastic group is across our nation.

The Eola Federation camping season starts in October and continues through April. We camp together one weekend a month with the exception of December due to the holidays. We are comprised of seven (7) tribes each having their unique characteristics. Some tribes consist of Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter and/or Full Family tribes. Some members camp in tents, while others have popup campers or more ‘glamp’ (Glamour + camp) -ish taste. Please take a moment and look at each tribe’s description on our web site; where the chiefs of each tribe will help explain their tribe’s uniqueness. You will see that anyone can fit in with us!

At each camping event, the federation plans great events and adventures for all of the tribes to participate and interact. The tribes also arrange tribal interactions and learning. We have children in the federation as young as six (6 years old) to sixteen plus (+16 years old). There are times where the older ones will plead with their parents to keep coming. It is great time for the children and the parents to learn and have fun together outside!

My son and I have been in this program for five (5) years and each campout has created our most cherished memories together. My son requested that I become a Tribal Chief after this first year (four years ago). I am honored to have been the proud Chief of the Osceola tribe during that time. This has facilitated growth within both my son and myself. By learning as well as giving back.

Towards the end of the last camping season (2016-2017), I was honored when asked to increase responsibility as the next Eola Federation Chief. I have some big moccasins to fill! Our past Eola Federation Chiefs (Michael Kimble, David Collins and Greg Hyatt) have built such a great program for families to grow together.   However, I am very fortunate and blessed to have a number of great parents that are helping me by assisting setting up this upcoming season with sites and events for our families to join and make many great memories.

We would like to share this opportunity with you. If you have any questions or would like additional information don’t hesitate to email me at chiefscreechingeagle@gmail.com


Patrick Hart

Chief Screeching Eagle

Eola Federation